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伊灵 Yi Ling / 茶壶 Cha Hu (Tea Pot)
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伊灵 Yi Ling / 茶壶 Cha Hu (Tea Pot)

mergers & acquisitions
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Palazzari & Turries is a mergers & acquisitions advisory boutique


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We lead all types of small and medium size strategic transactions, private, tailored-made, cross-border or cross-cultural, with a specific focus on Europe and Greater China.

Our involvement in each transaction embodies all the capabilities, competences, excellence and added value that an entrepreneur, a family-owned company or a group, would expect for a successful, sustainable and durable achievement.

Because we believe a strategic transaction is firstly a human journey and a people crossing, we deeply value long-term relationship, trust, commitment, perseverance, discretion, understanding and respect.

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Room 1105
11/F Regent Centre
88 Queen's Road
Central Hong Kong
Tel (852) 2525 9500
Fax (852) 2905 1318

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